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Alan started in the industry in Industrial/Commercial/Domestic in 1990 focusing on the plumbing maintenance and service area. Having spent a career working in the industry Alan’s work involved direct customer contact on a continuous basis in a domestic/ commercial/ industrial environment. In this time, Alan has fostered a loyal customer base through dedication to service and uncompromising his standard of work.

Alan has a comprehensive understanding of the importance of professional service delivery and compliance to Legislation, Code of Ethics, and Code of Professional Conduct. This includes mutual respect for clients and work colleagues who respect different generations, cultures, and beliefs.

At Aussie Backflow, we know how to best approach each situation and offer great solutions at a fraction of the cost and with minimal downtime. Our many clients are very happy with the high quality of service that is provided and is also very pleased with the low cost of the repairs when required.


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What is a Backflow Device?

A backflow prevention device prevents the reverse flow of water from a potentially polluted source into the potable (drinking) water supply system.

What are my responsibilities?

Under Victorian Government Plumbing legislation, the owner of an installed testable backflow prevention device must ensure the device is registered with your water Utility, and have the device tested annually by an endorsed backflow prevention plumber.

What are the responsibilities of the endorsed backflow plumber?

Within 10 business days of testing the device, the endorsed backflow prevention plumber must submit an Inspection and maintenance report of the backflow prevention device to the water utility and to the owner.


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